[Nagnagnag] Kirk Re-cord track

john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 27 21:59:49 EST 2003

Hi, hopefully off to london to see Kirk on friday night.

Big idea: was watching scottish sit-com called 'Book Club' (which is run by 
an american import girl surprisingly enough) and then was reading info about 
forthcoming Cabs release 'Attic Tapes' and then realized it'll be the first 
ever Cabs release..........

.........what a great time to start a Cabs albums / releases club. In fact 
lets call it 'The Conversation' Its a version of the on off thing we've done 

It works like this; week one, every one (in the club)has a week to listen to 
the album (we'll do them in chronological order) and then via the internet 
we post our opinions / discuss them. We could also include any related 
releases eg singles, 12"s. I'll keep all the posts and write them up as a 
definitive Cabs / Kirk fans' views article for the fanzine.

It'd be different from a journos reviews as we're fans / more informed etc

Also its a way of living the whole Kirk experience in chronological order 
from start to present which would be nice.

I wouldn't do it on Nag3 but as a block sender e-mail address. I'm tempted 
to do it as just me and you, but I reckon we should 'hand pick' a few others 
too whose opinions we value to get a more balanced view.

What do you reckon? I've already done the albums in chronological order in 
           The God of small things

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>Subject: Re: [Nagnagnag] Kirk Re-cord track
>Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 07:15:25 -0500
>You are.
>If he kept up with his track record of live appearances every two months 
>since last March, I had him pegged for February.
>Depending on how late he plays, I may still be correct.
>Thanks for bringing up the info re the tune used in his live show...If my 
>interpretation of the playlouder interview is uhhh accurate, does this mean 
>that this tune 'could' be part of the whole TWAT piece?  Great name, btw.
>>No evidence to back it up, but I'm pretty sure the new mp3 was debuted at
>>the recent ICA gig.  I remember the noise stabs throughout the piece...
>>while I'm here, am i the only one to notice that the good Capt. Kirk is
>>making his first live appearance of the new year on 31st Jan in London?
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