[Nagnagnag] Hacienda DVD

earthur at attbi.com earthur at attbi.com
Sun Jan 19 02:50:11 EST 2003

I'm a happy owner of a Toshiba 1800 too...
Glad to know it works...

N.P. "Clerks"

> Mine works!  Well, kinda ...
> When I first put it in the player (Toshiba SD-1800) it says 'please check disc'.
> Pushing play works, then menu will work.  Selecting tracks is a tad difficult 
> though because it puts the player in pause mode before moving on to the 
> next menu selection.  Weird ...
> So, it's buggy, but it works.  Typical Cherry Red quality control ...
> And bye the way ... this $99 Toshiba unit has *never* given me a problem,
> much unlike the Sony I previously had.  It stopped reading discs altogether 
> after about 6 months and I soon found out I wasn't the only one with the 
> exact same problem.  Sony won't even acknowledge that there's anything 
> wrong with it.  Fine.  I will no longer buy anything from Sony ever again ...
> Mark
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