[Nagnagnag] Hacienda DVD

Paul Rafanello prafanello at khnh.com
Sat Jan 18 15:45:47 EST 2003

	The DVD worked fine my in Sony player, and it's a pleasure to
watch. I had to wait 6 years (1991) to see CV live, and the 80's stuff
brings back many memories.

	Question about the Yashar video: It seems much more grainy on
the DVD, than on the original video. I think it's on my Factory video's
with Durutti Column, and Stockhokm Monsters. Did RHK "remix" the video
for this release?

	On another note, "24 Hour Party People" is out on DVD on
Tuesday. Will the CV characters be restored via a deleted scene? RHK
mentions they hit the cutting room floor in the notes to the Hacienda


>"I will no longer buy anything from Sony ever again ..."

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