[Nagnagnag] Hacienda DVD

meddle _meddle at cox.net
Sat Jan 18 14:18:54 EST 2003

Mine works!  Well, kinda ...

When I first put it in the player (Toshiba SD-1800) it says 'please check disc'.
Pushing play works, then menu will work.  Selecting tracks is a tad difficult 
though because it puts the player in pause mode before moving on to the 
next menu selection.  Weird ...

So, it's buggy, but it works.  Typical Cherry Red quality control ...

And bye the way ... this $99 Toshiba unit has *never* given me a problem,
much unlike the Sony I previously had.  It stopped reading discs altogether 
after about 6 months and I soon found out I wasn't the only one with the 
exact same problem.  Sony won't even acknowledge that there's anything 
wrong with it.  Fine.  I will no longer buy anything from Sony ever again ...


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