[Nagnagnag] DVD / mp3

Mark Kolmar mark at burningrome.com
Tue Jan 14 00:17:47 EST 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Thierens, Danny wrote:

> Someone made a comment about some DVD-players having problems with playing
> mp3's.

The problem had to do with something about the MP3 files themselves, not
the ability to read the media.  I had played a whole lot of mainly
spoken-word MP3s on the Panasonic player without trouble.  The other day I
finally got around to playing some files from another CD-R with a live
show from The Blue Nile, which played fine. And then it continued into a
Tears for Fears live show that had played fine on my PC, but was choppy on
the DVD player.  The Akai player handled it fine, though.  I am not sure
yet what the differnce might be -- I'll get around to checking if there's
a pattern, such as trouble with high bitrates or VBR or something.  Too
bad cos the audio sure does sound sweeter on that Panasonic.

One other point about the hackable players -- they are generally a lot
more generous in terms of being able to handle SVCD, or "mini-DVD"
(authored like a DVD but on CD media), etc.  So not surprising they'd deal
better with MP3.


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