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Mark Kolmar mark at burningrome.com
Mon Jan 13 11:56:16 EST 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Pat Slade wrote:

> It's like those thin or plasma TVs...does anyone here know anyone who has 
> bought one of them?  They are  pretty darn expensive, so I don't see those 
> taking off any time soon.

Don't know anyone.  The prices will come down as they get better at
manufacturing them, after which demand will increase, and economies of
scale kick in.  Once the currently $6000 plasma sets come in higher
resolution and less than half the price, it will be a different story.

The current technical problems, as far as manufacturing, are: a) they
can't get the individual dots small enough, which is why they are so big
and only 480 lines, and b) a lot of the little dots end up dead when they
make them, so they can only sell the sets that have an acceptably low
number of dead pixels distributed evenly enough...

I got a 30" 16:9 Panasonic Tau 480p/1080i tube set for about $1700 6
months ago, which was actually a very good deal.  I leave regular TV
mostly stretched in what they call "just" mode (stretched more at the
sides than in the middle).  1.33:1 films come out the size of a 25" set.  
1.85:1, most common these days, is the full display of course.  2.35:1 has
bars at the top and bottom, but the area of the picture is about as large
as the 1.33:1 films, rather than a sliver in the middle.  My room is not
that big, so the couch to the TV takes up a similar amount of my eye as
from the back row at the local Googleplex.

I found the codes to get into the service menus for the set, to make some
careful adjustments to tweak the greyscale, and reduce the excessive
amount of overscan (edges of the picture that are off the egde of the
screen).  It looked quite good out of the box, and very significantly
better now.  There are all sorts of adjustments available like on a
computer monitor, but hidden away.


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