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Mon Jan 13 12:41:34 EST 2003

Mark Kolmar <mark@burningrome.com> wrote:

>On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, -1 wrote:
>> i'm sure we could go back and
>> forth with these issues for awhile,
>Yeah, maybe after this we can take it to private email, as we're drifting
>further off.
>> i think what i'm getting at is that if companies aren't
>> allowed to innovate, we wouldn't get new technologies,
>> tying ourselves to the past isn't going to help...
>I think it is quite unfortunate that DVD video became tied back to NTSC
>and PAL.  And only a movie studio paranoid could have come up with
>something so asinine as region coding.
>> it's been pushed back from 2005, however this time, there are
>> going to be large monetary penalties for those that don't comply,
>> along with other requirements:
>> --------------
>> also, check this out:
>> [link]
>> http://broadcastengineering.com/ar/broadcasting_politics_dtv/index.htm
>> [excerpt]
>> In the meantime, Representatives Billy Tauzin (R-La.) and John
>> Dingell (D-Mich.) circulated a draft bill that would require
>> broadcasters to begin digital-only broadcasting by Dec. 31, 2006,
>The key word there is "draft".  Consider the 75yo widow who just wants to
>watch her stories.  She votes.

BTW, she does vote yet......Digital is gonna take a long time to get there only unless the government wants to buy back all our TV sets....hehehehe...

Up in my neck of the woods (Upper Midwest), a poll of analog television viewers still shows 40% of the viewers still put the rabbit ears up or the aerial on the chimney...Dish and cable "penetration" has happened to a certain extent, but seems to only come up to 1/3 of the population still liking Bilko or Hogan's Heros on good ole analog NTSC standard television.

I wonder with the quality of Cabs videos produced in the early 80's and some purposely distorted for effects the Kirk, Watson and Mallinder wanted would look better at 480 lines or 10,000 lines...at a point it gets to be overkill.

BTW, does anyone out there have a copy of the Cabs on video playing in First Avenue in the 1985 era...only time I saw them live....remember the crowd did not quite know how to take them.....

My two cents,

Craig LeVay

>> i remember reading about a lot
>> of opposition when people went
>> from black and white (actually greyscale) TV
>> to color even though the advantages were great...
>> so they made broadcasts backwards compatible..
>That's how we ended up with NTSC.  With PAL at least they got the bright
>idea to alternate phase, so that error comes out in intensity of color,
>rather than color shift.
>> i think the order of magnitude jump in
>> quality is great, provided the pricing
>> is acceptable....
>Price isn't very good yet either.
>Also, I wanted to mention, as far as I know the plasma displays are still
>only 480p.  My widescreen tube can do 480p and 1080i.  I don't have an
>HDTV tuner, though, and the set doesn't include one.  (I really don't care
>just to watch The McLaughlin Group, and the sets with HDTV tuner were over
>$500 higher in price.  As I said, I got it to watch movies.)
>> here in the US, digital cable is standardizing (not HDTV yet)...
>> and in fact in houston, Texas where i live, they've already
>> switched over a lot cable channels to digital only...
>There are many slow and backwards cable companies, including the one where
>I live.  Time to call them one more time to complain about MONO audio on
>all the channels, and ask them again when digital cable is coming.
>> (i don't have cable, and in fact, don't watch much television..
>I watch very little television aside from news and political programs in
>the background.
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