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Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 13 12:19:52 EST 2003

I missed a bit of this talk as I was away, but...

Won't most folks wait for the price to come down?  Of HDTV?

Yeah dvds aren't perfect, especially if you're a cab fan, but last I looked 
there were plenty of players selling here in the states for well under $100. 
   I only picked up one myself this holiday season courtesy of my brother, 
but while shopping I was amazed at the low prices for this type of 
technology.  I kept thinking that one could buy a dvd player for the cost of 
dinner here in Boston.

I guess all this HDTV talk has me scratching my head...it'll get here when 
it does, if you don't need to be the first on your block, then wait a few 
years and the cost of the sets should go down.

It's like those thin or plasma TVs...does anyone here know anyone who has 
bought one of them?  They are  pretty darn expensive, so I don't see those 
taking off any time soon.

I'm also having trouble believing that only Cherry Red puts out such crappy 
dvds...no one else has ever purchased such a trying video?  Yes, it's the 
Cabs luck to have one more poorly released and non-tested item, but can it 
be the only one around?

I don't know, once you get it to play, it's pretty darn enjoyable, even if 
only on my little old TV.


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