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hello again mr kolmar,

i'm sure we could go back and
forth with these issues for awhile,

i just want to add this though...
(and to clarify things, i DO have
a dvd-rom drive on my computer,
in case i do want to watch the
occasional dvd)....

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From: Mark Kolmar <mark@burningrome.com>
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>> >Any future format is totally up in the air.  People will demand players
>> >that handle all discs of the same form factor, so future players will
>> >surely handle CDs and current DVDs.
>> anybody can demand backwards comptability,
>> but that doesn't mean that it will happen..

>The electronics companies make what people want, or another company will.
>Now even Sony makes DVD players that play MP3s now -- and they are also a
>record company!

i think what i'm getting at is that if companies aren't
allowed to innovate, we wouldn't get new technologies,
tying ourselves to the past isn't going to help...

i didn't see combination cd/record players or any of
those when we shifted formats..laserdisc players were
a true shift, as are DVD players*

the next shift up is HDTV formats...

(*yes, there are combination DVD/vhs players out there,
but you technically can't copy the dvd's down to VHS
due to the macrovision encryption....)

>> as far as HDTV goes in the US, they're slowing coming along, but the
>> more important issue is that there is a mandate that all broadcasts
>> will go digital in 2006...

>This will keep getting pushed back.  It's a goal, mainly because the US
>gov't wants the spectrum back.  But nobody is going to take TV away from
>the last voter who is clinging to his 13" set.

it's been pushed back from 2005, however this time, there are
going to be large monetary penalties for those that don't comply,
along with other requirements:

also, check this out:

In the meantime, Representatives Billy Tauzin (R-La.) and John
Dingell (D-Mich.) circulated a draft bill that would require
broadcasters to begin digital-only broadcasting by Dec. 31, 2006,
regardless of the number of digital sets in service in any community.
At the present time, broadcasters are subject to a Dec. 31, 2006,
deadline for final transition from analog to DTV  but that deadline
is subject to an exception which provides that there be at least 85
percent digital use in any market before stations in that market
would be required to convert to digital. Under the proposed
legislation, that 85 percent litmus test would be removed and Dec.
31, 2006, would be an absolute drop-dead date not subject to any

The next FCC deadline for television broadcasters is Jan. 10, 2003,
when quarterly problems/programs lists must be placed in stations'
public files and Forms 398 (children's program reports) must be filed
with the FCC.

The deadline for NCE-TV stations to complete their DTV buildouts is
May 1, 2003.
well getting digital television off the ground
would be a start for HDTV,

so things are underway..

whether or not people will
comply is another issue..

i remember reading about a lot
of opposition when people went
from black and white (actually greyscale) TV
to color even though the advantages were great...

so they made broadcasts backwards compatible..
(for awhile a few years ago, i had a small
black and white also, so i know the feeling)...

i think the order of magnitude jump in
quality is great, provided the pricing
is acceptable....

>And I don't even want to start about how long it will take to get HDTV
>signals over cable.

>As for protection, that's a complicated issue -- but as with DVD, people
>who take in interest in the finer points will be able to dig inside all
>this stuff.


here in the US, digital cable is standardizing (not HDTV yet)...
and in fact in houston, Texas where i live, they've already
switched over a lot cable channels to digital only...

(i don't have cable, and in fact, don't watch much television..
so i'm not really affected)...

for me the next big advance IS HDTV, but i'll wait
until they can sort out the regulations for it...
the technology is almost there...we just have to
be patient...but it is coming.


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