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Mon Jan 13 10:26:30 EST 2003


hi mr doye,

as i've heard of so many issues
with this disc...(i haven't bought it

i'm wondering if anyone want's to
re-author it...i've got access to
a dvd-burner/software through
a friend...and when i do get
the dvd, maybe i should just rip
it, and fix-up the errors...

that sounds like it would
clear up the problems...(by
the way from what i've seen
dvd-authoring is a NON-trivial
task)....the fact the menus
don't seem to be too complicated
will make this somewhat easier..

has anyone looked into this?

as far as 'gasoline in your eyes' goes,
that would be excellent...

awhile ago, when i joined this list,
i mentioned i had captured some of
the audio tracks from this, along
with the video from laserdisc...

the video is fine (it's supposed
to be distorted/grainy/off colour)..
but the sound needs a lot of

i have re-done the 'sensoria(12 inch)' video,
in SVCD, with audio from 'the original sounds
of sheffield' CD, and the difference is
enormous...i'm sure transferring it to
DVD -> through sony digicam->firewire DV->
DV capture board would be cool too....
i just haven't had the chance to do it..


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Date: 13 Jan 2003 10:17:13 +0000
From: Nicolas Doye <nic@uklinux.net>
To: nagnagnag@hollyfeld.org
Subject: Re: [Nagnagnag] Cabs DVD - help!
For more amusement on the Cabs' Hac disc. Flick to Gut Level and ask
your DVD player to show chapter time remaining, it's completely screwed
on my copy (it thinks the track is over 90 minutes long).

>Also, the menus aren't designed well, as it has to read the disc each
>time you press up or down, making navigation very slow.

>OK, OK, so it's not perfect - but it's a fantastic disc nonetheless and
>I think Cherry Red are geniuses for releasing this. 

>Now I just can't wait for an anamorphic release of "Gasoline in your


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