[Nagnagnag] Cabs DVD - help!

Nicolas Doye nic at uklinux.net
Mon Jan 13 10:17:13 EST 2003

For more amusement on the Cabs' Hac disc. Flick to Gut Level and ask
your DVD player to show chapter time remaining, it's completely screwed
on my copy (it thinks the track is over 90 minutes long).

Also, the menus aren't designed well, as it has to read the disc each
time you press up or down, making navigation very slow.

And one other thing, for all you luddites out there, this may be a
cheap-and-cheerful-mastering issue or it may be a limitation of DVD's
MPEG implementation, but the Yashar video in particular is surely the
pathalogical case which shows up the limitation of the format. (It
relies on there being very little changing between most frames, which
isn't the case here). Enjoy all those blocks! 

[This beats my previous worst-case of the fireworks/bon-fire pan-shot on
EastEnders over FreeView (the UK's free, mainly widescreen, Digital TV
service). Not that I'm a fan of EastEnders...]

In fact, occasional blocking, and even dropped frames appear in "No
Escape" showing where it's come from a poor source and then mastered

OK, OK, so it's not perfect - but it's a fantastic disc nonetheless and
I think Cherry Red are geniuses for releasing this. 

Now I just can't wait for an anamorphic release of "Gasoline in your


PS. To throw more petrol on the DVD-V/VHS and CD/Vinyl debate, here's my
two pence: DVD-V is vastly superior to VHS, even if pathological cases
like the Cabs can throw it off kilter. Compressed format it may be, but
it's "good enough". Vinyl is mainly superior to CD, but only if your
rich enough to be able to spend a _lot_ on your record deck, and then
bear in mind that most music is now digitally mastered and so vinyl
confers no advantage over CD for recent releases. 

SACD sounds as good as vinyl and the cheaper Sony players are great.
DVD-A should sound better than CD, but I've yet to hear a player. Even
so, digitally mastered (at 44.1 or 48kHz) recordings of the last few
years aren't realistically going to sound any better on either of these

50s/60s Blue Note Jazz sounds good enough through my CD player, and
Richard's music is "so digital" why should I want to upgrade to vinyl,

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