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Well each to their own Richard, but DVD players seem expensive at the 
moment, but more than that, as far as I'm aware, you haven't got the option 
of being able to record and record over DVD's ie re-usable ones.

At least the Hacienda DVD is something which isn't on video already, but I 
reckon that the powers of Mammon will soon be trying to sell us our video 
collection on DVD, just like they tried to sell us our record collections on 
cd a few years ago (and would have tried again with mini-disc if the things 
had ever caught on)

I notice that sales of vinyl, new vinyl that is not second hand stuff, has 
increased tremendously in Britain of recent, its never died out here thanks 
to the dance music genres and its nice to see that vinyl in general is now 
selling well, I never did buy into cd sound being superior. However, the 
worrying thing is that the major record companies have reacted to vinyl 
refusing to die by releasing our old record collections, but this time on 
"deluxe" or "premium" vinyl. This means heavy slabs of vinyl not the wafer 
thin bits that they were flogging us a few years back. And the cost even 
more bloody expensive than a cd at times ie #20 (about US$28)

One of the virtues of sticking to buying vinyl was it was a lot cheaper than 
cds, but it seems this feature may now be about to disappear. Lets face it 
we're being farmed.

Interestingly enough Kirk favours vinyl and has a collection of 2 copies of 
everything he has released (except for stuff not released on vinyl) Most 
Cabs stuff is on vinyl, only 'International Language' as a major Cabs album 
isn't to the best of my knowledge (I know a lot of the recent re-hashes are 
only on cd) Personally I'd like to see a lot of Kirk's output get vinyl 
releases. One of the reasons he put 'Aural Illusions ' out was to see 
something of his own on translucent vinyl

I don't know that much about DVD, does it have any advantages over video 
which justify cost and not being able to record over them? Can you get blank 
ones even?


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>Any word on if it'll come out on DVD?  Surely we can tolerate VHS no 
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