[Nagnagnag] Cabs DVD - help!

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 8 17:35:38 EST 2003

I had replied to Jon offlist about this, I hope you got it to play, Jon.

I'm in the states..region 'O' means it should play on any player, anywhere.

Did my dvd player fall in love with it at first sight?  No.

It did not play automatically when placed into the player.

When I hit display, suddenly I had access to all 4 chapters.  I think the 
dvd could be a bit buggy.

it plays fine though, so keep us posted if you need anymore help.


>On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Simon Dell wrote:
> > Got the Cabs DVD today, it says '0 region free' on it, but will it play?
> > Will it buggery!
>What type of error message or symptoms do you get?
>My copy played fine on a Panasonic region 1 NTSC player, though I did not
>try it on my Akai-branded TYT-manufactured all-code player.  I looked at
>the package to find anything about video standard -- e.g. "0 region free
>NTSC" or "region 2 PAL" or whatever.  So it looks like the discs might be
>the same around the world.
>Jon Whitney in the USA mentioned having a problem also, some time ago.
>Could be a disc-authoring issue that means problems on some players.
>I'll see what a program like SmartRipper reveals about the video standard
>and such.

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