[Nagnagnag] Cabs DVD - help!

Mark Kolmar mark at burningrome.com
Wed Jan 8 22:14:03 EST 2003

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Simon Dell wrote:

> Got the Cabs DVD today, it says '0 region free' on it, but will it play?
> Will it buggery!

What type of error message or symptoms do you get?

My copy played fine on a Panasonic region 1 NTSC player, though I did not
try it on my Akai-branded TYT-manufactured all-code player.  I looked at
the package to find anything about video standard -- e.g. "0 region free
NTSC" or "region 2 PAL" or whatever.  So it looks like the discs might be
the same around the world.

Jon Whitney in the USA mentioned having a problem also, some time ago.
Could be a disc-authoring issue that means problems on some players.

I'll see what a program like SmartRipper reveals about the video standard
and such.


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