[Nagnagnag] NagNagNag - the club!!! (beware - cross-list posting!)

Clive Harris clive at doglover.com
Fri Jan 3 22:43:55 EST 2003

Slightly off-topic again...maybe!!!

I just thought I'd bring to the list's attention something I discovered last week.  In the current edition of Time Out magazine (in the "Nightlife" section) they feature a club (in London) by the name of NagNagNag!!!  This might seem like sacrilege at first, but it sounds like it might play exactly the kind of music we like.  Well, they have had the savvy to name it thus!  Better than "Don't you want me baby", I think you'll agree*!

It takes place on Wednesday at "The Ghetto", which is off Charing Cross road, up the side of the Astoria, but it has apparently also been occupying the second room at Electric Stew.  I was wondering if anyone on the list happens to have been to the club - at either of these venues - and could say if it is any good and thus worth going to?  Despite the fact that I am temporarily in financial crisis, my clubbing days are not over yet - just in a state of suspension!  You never know - this place could become a convenient meeting place for other London area Naggers/Cabbers?!  Just a thought!


* - "Don't you want me baby" is the name of another, more "school disco"-like retro evening, for those not in the area covered by Time Out magazine.
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