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Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 2 16:41:13 EST 2003

Hey you,

Happy new year and all that.

>I'm surprised you haven't seen this before its been around a fair bit. Its 
>filmed at Ladybower Resovoir which was where the RAF secretly tested Barnes 
>Wallis' 'bouncing bombs' culminating in the famous raid on the Rhine dams 
>which went a long way to winning the war for the allies. There is the 
>famous pompous film 'the dambusters' which includes shots from Ladybower.

No, had never seen it.  Mark F reminded me that when he picked up David and 
I in Bamford, he drove us to the Ladybower...he thought they'd made another 
video there as well.

>Most shows at the Hacienda were filmed, they used to show the visuals on a 
>screen in one of the bars, in fact one of the first (if not the first) 
>actual show was a Cabs video night to which hardly anyone went. This 
>connection was how the Baader Meinhof etc tracks got released by Factory.

Richard mentions that they played there the first 'official' night it was 
opened in the liner notes to the dvd.

>It wasn't until Kirk invested some of their Rough Trade royalties into 
>basic video equipment that other Cabs shows got filmed. He had made films 
>at art college, they're very much like the stuff he still does now. Some of 
>those efforts occur in the Doublevision tape, which was one of the first 
>'pop' video films.

Yes, doesn't the box 'warn' you that you shouldn't expect mega-primo video, 
first of its kind, etc.

>Later on they got people like Peter Carey and Shamberg to make videos for 
>them, but apart from some BBC tv appearances there are very few films of 
>the Cabs live. The exception of course is the Viva Eight show circa 
>Plasticity / International Language which of course features me and Tamara! 
>I presume you've got / seen this show, the best Cabs on film in my opinion.

No, No, No I don't, darnit!  How do gals like me get their hands on such 
things, I'd even take a pal copy and transfer it.

I don't know, it'd be pretty hard to beat those boys doing their best seeds 
impressions..I make sure I get a bit of a fix before going to work.

>I think Richard is 'exorcising' the Cabs somewhat. He really doesn't like 
>people going on about it, especially 'reforming'. He's got plans to work 
>with others over the next year, which is where the misquote about not 
>playing live in 2003 comes from.

Call me a weirdo...but if you listen to as much RHK as I do, well, this will 
sound sacreligious, but who needs a Cabs reunion?  I've never needed one, 
the more you listen to RHK, it's a wee bit: Cabs who?  Don't get me wrong, 
just the majoirty of what I play is RHK, probably 80-90% vs Cabs...

Going to Montreal for a few days next week, going to Germany for about a 
week In February for business, find out if RHK's going to anywhere near 
there, would ya?

Don't bother, he won't be.


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