[Nagnagnag] no escape

Nicolas Doye nic at uklinux.net
Thu Jan 2 14:36:54 EST 2003

On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 19:12, Pat Slade wrote:

> No Escape is...amazing.  It's remarkable to me as a fan that 23 years later 
> we still get to discover new things. 

It was previously available on the Factory/Ikon videos, 'Ikon 1' and 'A
Factory Video'. (My friend Chris has one of these - it also had all of
New Order's Video 586 as an unlisted 20-odd minute bonus track!)

In fact the quality of the copy on the DVD looks like they recorded it
from a VHS cassette!

I agree though, this DVD is pretty fantastic. The 1986 concert shows the
Cabs at their height. All the new songs (some later to appear on Code)
are brilliant in their raw pre-EMI form.

Sheer genius and Cherry Red are to be commended for releasing this.


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