[Nagnagnag] playlists

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Tue Feb 25 20:34:24 EST 2003

Sorry to bug all these email lists I'm on but I figure some people might
be interested,...

I don't mind reading playlists but I can't stand playlists being posted to
email lists, but, now, finally, after nearly 17 (yes seventeen) years of
broadcast radio, I finally have my playlists available electronically and
it's pretty damned neato!

So, for those who like playlists and want to receive these regularly from
me, email me personally and I'll just add your name to my own personal
list of playlist recipients.

An additional bit of info:  every single one of my radio shows is taped.
The tapes are immediately sent away to whoever asks for them.  This
morning's show is online viewable at
http://www.zbconline.com/showplaylist.php?file=2003/Feb/25/053219 (and
haven't been claimed yet actually!)

Once again, if you want to be on my own personal playlist distribution
list, email me OFFLIST.  If you want the tapes from this morning's show,
be the first to respond to me offlist with your mailing address and
they're yours.

Thanks for reading.


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