[Nagnagnag] Yashar-ology

earthur at attbi.com earthur at attbi.com
Wed Feb 19 20:57:17 EST 2003


Have we beaten this one to death yet?

>From the Brainwished discography we have the following
(live takes not considered):

2x45 (Rough Trade, 1982) 2x12/CD
     - Yashar

Yashar (Factory, 1982) 12
     - Yashar            
     - Yashar
     A (Re)Production of John Robie overdubs/mix

Eight Crepuscule Tracks (Le Disques du Crepuscule, 1988) LP/CD
     - Yashar      

Nag, Nag, Nag (Mute, 1990) CDS
     - Yashar
     - Yashar
     "Yashar" remixed by John Robie, from the 12" single

a.) are all of the above unique (except for the 12" matching
    the Nag^3 CD single?)

b.) is the video version (Hac DVD) yet another different mix?

c.) does the HAC CD contain the video version of "Yashar"?

d.) do we know what mixes/remixes are going to be on the
    forthcoming "Yashar" single?

Actually this page http://www.cherryred.co.uk/cherryred/cabaretvoltaire.htm
seems to clarify some things:

"The single "Yashar" is also due to be re-released in a remixed form, which 
should heighten the band's profile even further."

and the track listing only shows the live stuff...

When I joined Nag^3 5 years ago I was originally asking
about "Yashar"...I bought a compilation containing "Yashar"
based on the list response but I don't have it in front of me.


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