[Nagnagnag] I'm always in the mood to be down with BCD

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 18 09:27:15 EST 2003

Hey gangs,

Here's a bit more info re the new Kirky release, enjoy!


>C0C0S0L1DC1T1 announce new Richard H.Kirk album release
>BCD - Bush Doctrine (by Richard H.Kirk) (csc 006)
>The C0C0S0L1DC1T1 label are proud to announce their next release (album no 
>6). The new Richard H.Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire) album is going to the 
>pressing plant next week as is the artworkproduced by the ever wonderful 
>Designers Republic.
>The album is a 70 minute epic through the styles Richard H.Kirk has been 
>known for over the past 20 years. Reminiscent of his albums on Warp, the 
>BCD project brings together a plethora of styles which work together so 
>For more info on how to order the album, please contact - 
>This album is very heavily pre-ordered and there are only planned to be 
>1,000 copies printed on CD, so if ya want a copy ..order quickly...this 
>ain't a sales talk thing...its a ...you need to get your ass into gear if 
>you want a copy thing

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