[Nagnagnag] Live at the Hacienda - DVD versus 2xCD

Richard Lord richard.lord at kirklees.gov.uk
Mon Feb 10 09:15:56 EST 2003

Hi the 2 cd sound quality is okay, it has the quality of a good bootleg
that's all, it sounds excellent on my car and two hi fi's at home but
terrible on the pc  with the sub bass it distorts to hell.

There are some interesting facts though with the packaging, in that it
is exactly the same as the dvd except they have substituted the words cd
for dvd in the bit that rhk wrote and they left his name off the credits
at the end and it says on the back there are three bonus tracks which
are on the dvd and do not appear on either of the cd's. so its another
case of well proof read art work with a cv release.

still got that feeling

Richard Lord

>>> ThierenD@kochind.com 10 February 2003 08:57:20 >>>
Quick question : Does the 2xCD version of this have the same sound
as the DVD or has it been cleaned up ? I just got the DVD to run OK on
player, so I can listen to the audio only too ... hence I wouldn't be
needing the 2xCD if the sound quality is the same.

Comments highly appreciated !


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