Believe what you're saying? (was Re: [Nagnagnag] Why? (short comment))

Jon Whitney turbid at
Mon Feb 3 13:26:59 EST 2003

Just because somebody uses interesting samples in their music, it could
easily be fodder.  Look at godspeed you black emperor!  People all over
the world believe the band probably thinks the way the looney on the
street in Providence, Rhode Island was talking, before he quoted Iron
Maiden as his own poetry!

Come on.

Nobody accuses actors, book writers, filmmakers of being racist if they
use something racially charged in their art, so why should musicians be
regarded as any different?

Even Marshall Mathers plays a character named Eminem and one named Slim
Shady - yet people seem to be up in arms because they think he's sexist or
whatever, when he's just writing a fictitional character to actually make
fun of.


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