[Nagnagnag] Why?

Nicolas Doye nic at uklinux.net
Mon Feb 3 18:23:21 EST 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 00:42, earthur@attbi.com wrote:
> I just can't seem to get enough of "The Idea of Justice".

I must admit that I overlooked it completely when it came out, but its
latin grooves really get me going now. Must be my age or something.

"In the hearts of Wild Men" is (obviously) a quote from Hearts of
Darkness (which I found a terribly boring read, compared with say, The
Secret Agent).

Googling about, I can't find the "You can turn your back on truth" quote
anywhere. It's a typical RHK sample, in that it's the sort of thing a
gun-toting nutter might say.

> So why do I like RHK?  I've just hypothesized that he's
> racist.  

As other people have said - it's very unlikely. He's also rather
left-wing as far as I remember from a couple of interviews. The entire
Al-Jabr cover is anti-racist. I think he like sampling interesting
arseholes ("Gun Control", etc., etc.).
> He's an overweight druggy who smokes.  I work out
> (at least I try to), don't smoke and was never really into
> drugs.

Me too, and I know that there's at least one tee-total member of this
list. I hate smoking and don't have a very positive view on drugs. Feel
free to disagree.

If I read in between the lines (amateur psychology hour :-) you're
having a problem with your heroes (I go through this occasionally). We
should just love someone's art for what it is, but we like to think that
we're ideologically similar to our heroes. I stopped listening to Joy
Division for about a year after reading "Touching from a Distance".
After watching (the factually inaccurate but fun) 24 Hour Party People
(and the extra interview with Shaun Ryder) I wonder if I'll ever spin a
Happy Mondays or Black Grape disc again.

It's a bit like when you hear the most offensive racist words in a
sample or an older song (I'm sure Lou Reed says the N word in "Head Held
High"; there's a great Plaid track with a sample that sounds like, "The
Bass, the C--n goes in your face") it makes you not want to listen to it
again, and think "should I really like these people and listen to their




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