[Nagnagnag] Why? (short comment)

earthur at attbi.com earthur at attbi.com
Mon Feb 3 17:06:07 EST 2003

I admit I said a stupid thing but I really meant
it in the context of that one song only.  The whole
irony facet seems to have gone over my head on that
one, unlike "Sluggin'..." or "Antichrist"


NP: Sandoz in Dub
> /Ed,
> I'll forgive your rambling... just; only as you qualified
> it as such.
> But I would like to echo Pat's comments when i say for the
> life of me i cant see how RHK  could construed as a
> racist. Being of mixed parentage I am naturally a tad sure
> of myself when it comes to noticing things like that.
> Admittedly i don't currently have TIOJ, but  i have
> followed pretty much all of his output since 1980, and
> what you say simply doesn't jell with anything i have
> heard.

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