[Nagnagnag] Re: [Cabaretvoltaire] Why?

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Can I just say that I've NEVER taken drugs...............

...............I always pay for mine


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>>Do you think Mal listens to each Kirk release?  I can't
>>recall, are they on speaking terms or not?  What do you
>>think his take on RHK's output is?
>Not having met either of them (yet!!), but understanding through the CV 
>grapevine is these guys are still friends/on speaking terms.  As far as 
>Mal's take, I haven't seen any interviews where he talks specifics, usually 
>the interviews are of the: RHK and I talked in the last six months sorta 
>>Do you think RHK was dissing MLK with "In the Hearts of
>>Wildmen"?  That is MLK sampled right?  Who is the "in the
>>hearts of wildmen" sample?  Richard?  And why end the song
>>with "You can..." (is the author turning his back on MLK?)
>Umm...I don't think the sample is of MLK.  Malcolm X comes to mind, but I'm 
>not even 100% on this.  As far as ending the song with you can: He's simply 
>used the same sample he used throughout the song and stopped it short.
>I'm not getting a dis out of this at all.
>>So why do I like RHK?  I've just hypothesized that he's
>>racist.  He's an overweight druggy who smokes.  I work out
>>(at least I try to), don't smoke and was never really into
>I would never, ever, think of RHK as a rascist.  How that word and his name 
>can be mentioned in the same breath escapes me
>This is a man who has celebrated all forms of music, be it classical, jazz, 
>rock and roll, reggae/dub...  Artists he's given props to include Miles 
>Davis, John Coltrane, James Brown, George Clinton, Curtis Mayfield, 
>numerous dub artists.
>Remembering again my CV grapevine, didn't RHK get married in Jamaica?  
>Didn't RHK go to Haiti, ala Wade Davis?  Hasn't RHK been to Africa, maybe 
>more than once?
>Where's the racism?  I don't see it, I don't hear it.
>To call him an overweight druggy who smokes?  Does every other artist in 
>your cd stack have a perfect BMI and rosy pink lungs?
>I can't hold drug use against anybody.  I've taken them before too. It's 
>very sad when you see an artist like Syd Barrett unable to be well, the 
>musical genius that he was.  But whatever drug use Kirk may or may not have 
>indulged in, it certainely hasn't hindered his musical output.
>Can you answer the question as to why you like RHK?  You and I go back a 
>long way Ed in our Kirk fandom, but you seem torn about something.  How 
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