[Nagnagnag] Why? (short comment)

Pixel pixel at tesco.net
Mon Feb 3 15:09:12 EST 2003


I'll forgive your rambling... just; only as you qualified
it as such.
But I would like to echo Pat's comments when i say for the
life of me i cant see how RHK  could construed as a
racist. Being of mixed parentage I am naturally a tad sure
of myself when it comes to noticing things like that.
Admittedly i don't currently have TIOJ, but  i have
followed pretty much all of his output since 1980, and
what you say simply doesn't jell with anything i have


At 00:42 03/02/2003 +0000, earthur@attbi.com wrote:
I just can't seem to get enough of "The Idea of Justice".
Its in my home CD player as soon as my wife leaves the room.
My kids have come to grips with it.  They occassionally
dance around but most of the time they're oblivious to it

Do you think Mal listens to each Kirk release?  I can't
recall, are they on speaking terms or not?  What do you
think his take on RHK's output is?

Do you think RHK was dissing MLK with "In the Hearts of
Wildmen"?  That is MLK sampled right?  Who is the "in the
hearts of wildmen" sample?  Richard?  And why end the song
with "You can..." (is the author turning his back on MLK?)

So why do I like RHK?  I've just hypothesized that he's
racist.  He's an overweight druggy who smokes.  I work out
(at least I try to), don't smoke and was never really into

Oh well, forgive my ramblings...


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