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>Do you think Mal listens to each Kirk release?  I can't
>recall, are they on speaking terms or not?  What do you
>think his take on RHK's output is?

Not having met either of them (yet!!), but understanding through the CV 
grapevine is these guys are still friends/on speaking terms.  As far as 
Mal's take, I haven't seen any interviews where he talks specifics, usually 
the interviews are of the: RHK and I talked in the last six months sorta 

>Do you think RHK was dissing MLK with "In the Hearts of
>Wildmen"?  That is MLK sampled right?  Who is the "in the
>hearts of wildmen" sample?  Richard?  And why end the song
>with "You can..." (is the author turning his back on MLK?)

Umm...I don't think the sample is of MLK.  Malcolm X comes to mind, but I'm 
not even 100% on this.  As far as ending the song with you can: He's simply 
used the same sample he used throughout the song and stopped it short.

I'm not getting a dis out of this at all.

>So why do I like RHK?  I've just hypothesized that he's
>racist.  He's an overweight druggy who smokes.  I work out
>(at least I try to), don't smoke and was never really into

I would never, ever, think of RHK as a rascist.  How that word and his name 
can be mentioned in the same breath escapes me

This is a man who has celebrated all forms of music, be it classical, jazz, 
rock and roll, reggae/dub...  Artists he's given props to include Miles 
Davis, John Coltrane, James Brown, George Clinton, Curtis Mayfield, numerous 
dub artists.

Remembering again my CV grapevine, didn't RHK get married in Jamaica?  
Didn't RHK go to Haiti, ala Wade Davis?  Hasn't RHK been to Africa, maybe 
more than once?

Where's the racism?  I don't see it, I don't hear it.

To call him an overweight druggy who smokes?  Does every other artist in 
your cd stack have a perfect BMI and rosy pink lungs?

I can't hold drug use against anybody.  I've taken them before too. It's 
very sad when you see an artist like Syd Barrett unable to be well, the 
musical genius that he was.  But whatever drug use Kirk may or may not have 
indulged in, it certainely hasn't hindered his musical output.

Can you answer the question as to why you like RHK?  You and I go back a 
long way Ed in our Kirk fandom, but you seem torn about something.  How 


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