[Nagnagnag] kirk at 93 feet east

john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 1 17:35:24 EST 2003

Nice turn out last night, especially with the weather being so bad.
'Pram' were on first in the main hall and very a nice brass and guitar based 
sound they made too.

Kirk was on in the main bar, playing from the gantry. He's cut his hair 
recently and now sports a mini ponytail alongside his customary army 
camourflage jacket. And a very unshaven Richard it was too and in a relaxed 
and happy mood.

He went on at just past midnight, but then he's always punctual and in true 
jazz maestro style played with his back to us, which was quite apt as his 
earliest offering was a be-bop jazz / big band number. He played a very 
eclectic set, a lot like the recent XFM radio show but longer, two hours 
long indeed. A very diverse mix of tunes, interplayed with the trademark 
Kirkian swoops and swirls of sonic abuse and sledgehammer beats.

Lots of funk, 80's electro, Stax style R n'B, some delightful Northern Soul 
tunes for us old Wigan Casino devotees (Purple Haze for one; NOT the Hendrix 
version!) The Velvet Underground's 'Vicious' the original version of 'No 
Escape' A Fire Engine's track and lots and lots of hip wiggling Cuban style 
trumpet led grooves.

I was surprised by how much the audience was up for it really; cos he never 
let the style stagnate and constantly chopped and changed, challenging 
everyone's ears as well as their dancing styles.

Overall, it was like being in Richard's living room for a party with 
Mr.Kirk, oblivious to his audience, spinning his fave tunes for his own 
delight. A relaxed, downtempo and pleasureable evening, the type that 
recharges the batteries without leaving you with a next morning hangover, 
ringing ears and aching muscles.

Walked out to be confronted by a most pleasant gentle snow fall, which kind 
of ended the evening off just nicely.

Greetings to Richard Sedley who was in residence at the bar, unlike Pat who 
never turned up to drink her pint. Its probably still on the table now.


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