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I am catching up on several days of postings, so I apologize if this is 
already taken care of. I can convert these tapes to any digital format (cd, 
mp3, realaudio, whatever). My stereo is conneted to my computer and I have 
the soundcard and software for cleaning up the signal reasonably well.

Contact me if I can be of any help. Mark Fuller and I have traded copies 
before, and my ebay rating is up there (user name greec1) if you need 

The only problem is I'm in NYC.

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>Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:16:26 +0000
>Yes, Northern Lights exists too - I have it, but only a copy of the
>original cassette.  It has the tracks you mention.  Rather than a tape
>and magazine, it is an example of that product of the early 80s - a
>tapezine - and has interviews and other stuff on it.
>This too could be put onto CD if anyone wants to volunteer.
>In message <F255sGmhZ26yJKs8TAG00004881@hotmail.com>, john smith
><jean_marclawtonll@hotmail.com> writes
> >So the Stabmental tape DOES exist too, the Watson track is a spoken word 
> >up job and Kirk's track is a sound collage.
> >
> >Dare I ask therefore if the following rarity exists in a material form: 
> >Northern Lights issue one compilation C30 tape and magazine which 
>features a
> >5 minute version of Sluggin for Jesus, but more interestingly a live 5
> >minute edit of Western Mantra from Platos's Ballroom
> >Liverpool 25 / 2 / 81................allegedly!
> >
> >Come on someone must have it..only problem.....it was limited to 50 
> >
> >                Jean-Marc
> >
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