[Nagnagnag] New Kirk Release

Pat Slade pslade99 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 9 07:57:45 EST 2003


I know exactly what you mean...and I must say that sometimes I'm amazed that 
all of us are still as into and up on what's happening out there.  I have 
found it much harder this year to be as rah-rah as I normally am.

And not to change the subject, but is anyone else going to post at the 
conversation?  I went from weekly posts, to once a month, so I have till the 
end of the month to post (nice excuse, eh?).  This is one example for me of 
just not having the Cab-time that I used to...sorry.


>In an ideal world I would still have the kind of time I had then to do this 
>type of thing!

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