[Nagnagnag] New Kirk Release

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Mon Dec 8 22:22:12 EST 2003

if we can get a functional database-driven backbone for brainwashed then
anybody can make news updates and people like nic and mark can just
"approve" news/discography/biography additions/corrections/etc...

at this point, it's a dream in sight...

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Mark Kolmar wrote:

> nic wrote:
> > The brainwashed CV site historically goes back to Mark Kolmar and I both
> > creating HTML discographies for CV, and I put both up on my Uni account
> > under a really long URL along with every other CV image, etc. I could
> > Yep, we've dropped the ball a bit. I'll admit it. But both sites are
> > valuable resources for CV fans the world over. The more CV the better.
> In an ideal world I would still have the kind of time I had then to do
> this type of thing!


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