[Nagnagnag] Fat bloke on telly

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Tue Aug 26 16:51:47 EDT 2003

Is it the recreational drugs or is it the industrial quantities of guinness? 
Or can Guinness be classed as a recreational drug?

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>Hi I was watching a cable channel called The Amp and they had an elongated 
>interview with Shaun Ryder - who now looks terrible, absolutely the best 
>advert to cut down recreational drugs. He went through his musical 
>influences and mentioned CV and they played a clip of crackdown video. They 
>then went onto talk about his new album and why he did it etc, tony wilson 
>was on singing the praises of shaun saying he was the new bob dylan with 
>his lyrics being so complex and deep, hmmm.
>THEY control all the money
>Richard Lord
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