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That is not to bid.  That is the selling price.  You don't bid on Half.com.  By the way, who the hell are they?  I never heard of them.

Gescom at aol.com wrote:This one is too rich for my blood:


This disc is out of print, so expect prices to be compatible with
a European version of Cabaret Voltaire's 'Code' CD. Urgh.

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Arthur Baker's right-hand man, John Robie, who remixed Cabaret
Voltaire's 'Yashar' and New Order's 'Shellshock' (amongst many
others), made electro funk music under the guise of C-Bank. I
am specifically looking for the track 'One More Shot', which was
originally released on Next Plateau (US). I'm not sure if this cut
is currently available on one of those fashionable retro-fusion
dance compilations which every label in existence seems to be
releasing nowadays. Does anyone have an mp3? Any help would
be very much appreciated!

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