KJQ Re: [Nagnagnag] Watson - Hafler Trio + Killing Joke Live

meddle _meddle at cox.net
Tue Aug 12 03:03:22 EDT 2003

At 07:55 AM 8/11/03, you wrote:
>Dave Grohl, that's cute.  Did Killing Joke ever get royalties for the ripped 
>off bass line from "Eighties" that Nirvana used in "Come As You Are"?

No, KJ let it go.  This past January Jaz Coleman joined the Foo Fighters 
on stage in New Zealand for "Requiem", a friendship began and Grohl 
(a big KJ fan) and Jaz ended up in L.A. tracking the drums for the entire 
album ...

There was a recent interview with Geordie where he mentioned Kurt 
"topping himself" being one reason they let it go ...


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