[Nagnagnag] Watson - Hafler Trio + Killing Joke Live

Robert Frank doomtrain1974 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 08:40:20 EDT 2003

Chris Watson was with the Hafler Trio for 5 albums plus 1 kind of compilation CD.  These are the ones he is on:
Bang! An Open Letter
Walk Gently Through The Gates Of Joy
Seven Hours Sleep
Four Ways Of Saying Five
All That Rises Must Converge
A Thirsty Fish
These albums are not music per se.  It is total sound experimentation.  One of my fave Hafler Trio albums is How To Reform Mankind.
I hope this helps.

"Thierens, Danny" <ThierenD at kochind.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I think it is time for me to expand my everlasting search for good music to
the Hafler Trio. Is there a "definite" list of their best releases
(preferably those including Mr. Watson, to keep that CV-link) ? If so, I'd
be pleased to be educated on the subject.



PS : The CV Yahoo group was discussing a potential reunion of CV-members, I
must agree with them that I would like forward to a Kirk (in an atmospheric
kinda mood) + Watson team up !!!

PPS : Not really "on-topic", but perhaps some of you may be interested ... I
managed to see the revived Killing Joke live last Friday, at an medium-sized
open-air festival in Belgium. As some of you may know, KJ recently released
a new album, with Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, ...) on drums (see
www.killingjoke.com for further info). Judging from
the sound clips and the gig, it's scorching ! The gig consisted of both
old/ancient tracks (Wardance, Requiem, Follow The Leader, ...) and newer
stuff, fitting perfectly together. Expect pounding bass-heavy drums, great
metal-y guitar riffs (luckily enough : no solo's !!!) and Jaz Coleman's
(somewhat dressed like some weird old druid, with a black, hooded cloak with
a huge white spider figure on the front) frantic raving in his graveyard
howl on top. Cool stuff (at more than 300 C) !
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