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Wed Aug 6 15:37:02 EDT 2003

Yorkshire Ham #3 is here! Along with a CD of  re-interpretations of  CV/RHK
classics!   A fitting tribute  to Mr. Kirk.  Besides the  CD, which is
fabulously raw,  the highlight here is undoubtedly "The Richard H. Kirk
Story"  the ongoing saga of our hero. A compelling narrative of Mr. Kirk's
career from initial  rejection  to gradual recognition, this, the third
installment, picks up where YH#2 left off...detailing the period of Cabaret
Voltaire from around the time of 2X45 (1982) onwards  toward the
breakthrough "The Crackdown" album of 1983.  Especially fascinating is the
background regarding the Doublevision video ventures and how it helped
promote the band to a much wider audience. J-M Lawton does a great job
documenting  the press reaction to Cab's change of style- from a percieved
"outsider" group to a more focused, accessible and dance-friendly style
leading to a  lucrative deal with Virgin records. Of course, the Ham also
contains some illuminating reviews of those rare Kirk gigs, and even a
review of a Chris Watson show...there aren't  many rockers that  would sit
down and have a beer and a chat with the fans. The tunes on the tribute CD
are excellent and weird in a good way, if I-man didn't know  better I'd
think that  Kirk himself had a hand on some of the tracks, never heard of
any of the artists mentioned ;-).  Some of them tunes really had my woofers
huffing.  Looking forward to the next issue, BUY YORKSHIRE HAM#3 TODAY!!

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>>> > > In reply to everyone who enquired, requested and asked and to any
> > others who
> > may be interested I can now officially open the shop door and
> > announce that
> > the third edition of that erstwhile organ
> > 'Yorkshire Ham' is available for your perusal.
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