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Its a strange, but interesting project from the blokes who gave you BCD. A 
black box (aircraft journey recorder that survives crashes, so why don't 
they build the whole plane out of of the stuff) was passed on from country 
to country with various people adding their contributions. Kirk did the 
British leg. There is enough material for a 2 cd release (so I am led to 
believe) and a video. Also a chance that Kirk will feature heavily on one of 
the two cds. It was originaly supposed to be out now, but it will now 
probably be out early autumn. Kirk also has another album provisionally 
called 'Bit Crackle' which sounds a little like 'Digital Terrestrial' which 
he is trying to get released at the moment
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>If I remember right "re-cord" is the name of the conspiracy project, I
>don't think the RHK track I downloaded had a name - I called mine
>"Conspiracy Soundtrack".  Whatever it's called, it is a different mix of
>the track "I Got Weapons" from Bio Chemical Dread, and is from 2002.
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>"re-cord" is the one that was only available online, right? and was that
>year or this?
>thanks. and thanks for the help with the other questions.
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