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john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 3 20:01:29 EDT 2003

Been away on safari. Conversation to start on monday 11th August. So that 
gives you all a week to listen to / purchase 'The Attic Tapes' and formulate 
some comments / thoughts.

I'll kick it off at some point on the monday and then feel free to let rip.

After that we'll do an album a week and include any 12"ers singles etc 
related to that album. Its already been pointed out to me that a lot of the 
material on 'The Attic Tapes' is also available on bootleg tapes. So any of 
you in possession of them can include comments / comparisons of them too.

After the 'Attic Tapes' we'll move onto the '1974-76' cd and chin-wag about 
that from monday the
18th of August and so on.

I'll chat with Richard Sedley about how we actually access / use the 
bulletin board he has set up for this.

Also whilst I'm typing, just a reminder that issues of Yorkshire Ham 3, with 
free cd, are still available. If you want an issue 4 then I have to sell all 
the issue 3's! Drop me a line if you want details. Those people who have 
purchased one, please feel free to put up feedback, comments suggestions 

                       Regards     Jean-Marc

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>Subject: RE: [Nagnagnag] RE: The Conversation
>Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:21:38 +0100
>We I guess I let the cat out of the bag. I obviously hadn't intended to
>send the entire list the board details below but if anyone has any
>comments or suggestions re: the use of a bulletin board for Jean Marc's
>'Conversation project' drop me a line
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>From: Richard Sedley
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>Subject: [Nagnagnag] RE: The Conversation
>Hi JM
>I have set up the trial bulletin board at
>I don't suggest that you send the link out to anyone yet as I need to
>refine a few things - like design a suitably CV look and feel. Let me
>know your thoughts or if you want to give me a bell to discuss it my
>work phone number Is below.
>Richard Sedley
>cScape Strategic Internet Services
>4 Pear Tree Court
>London EC1R 0DS
>T: 020 7689 8800
>F: 020 7689 8801
>W: www.cscape.com
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