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Simon Dell simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 1 08:04:10 EDT 2003

Hi Greg,

The track on Viva8 is an edit of a longer track which has never been
released but is obviously in the vein of other tracks on Plasticity.

The track on The Wire 2oth Aniversary boxed set is Breathe Deep from



In message <003601c35799$a23faa40$0201a8c0 at phos>, Johnny Yesno
<black_mask at earthlink.net> writes
>ok there is a compilation called viva! eight from the n.m.e. & it has a CV
>track on it. it is called Plasticity 6/Invisible Generation (Live London Town
>& Country Club 06/09/92)? what the hell is plasticity 6? and i downloaded it
>and listened and it sounds nothing like invisible generation on the plasticity
>CD... help.    :-)
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