[Nagnagnag] new Kirk remix of Ultramarine

Paul P. cheep at erols.com
Wed Apr 30 23:14:38 EDT 2003

Just saw this in an AB-CD email:

"Ultramarine - Companion (Every Man & Woman is a Star Versions)

 ...   In 1991 electronic duo Ultramarine recorded their landmark album
Every Man and Woman is a Star, which was
re-released by LTM to widespread acclaim in 2002.  "Companion" collects
together the various remixes released on the US and UK versions of the
1992 ep Nightfall in Sweetleaf together with a host of other alternative
versions, and previously unheard tracks from the same sessions.

The star remixers include Sweet Exorcist (RICHARD H. KIRK), Coco Steel,

Paul P.
Arlington, VA
cheep at erols.com

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