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Wed Apr 9 23:58:59 EDT 2003

hey cabv'ers,

i've been laying low lately,
just reading all the posts..

and collecting some odds and ends..

one good find was this single,
the limited edition version of
the german 'keep on' cd:

Cabaret Voltaire - Keep On (remix)
5" CD Single  GER (Parlophone; CDP 560-20 3855 2)

5:14    Keep On (Universe Mix)
5:35    Keep On (Sleazy Dog Mix)
7:01    Keep On (Mayday Mix)

which i found for US$11 (it sold for UKP 50+
just recently on ebay)...

i've also been slowly completing a lot
of the vinyl versions of the singles from 1983-1985,
i now have:

CVS 1  UK 7" 1983 Virgin/Some Bizzare JUST FASCINATION edit/ Empty Walls
CVS 2  UK 7" 1983 Virgin/Some Bizzare THE DREAM TICKET/ Safety Zone - edits
on 7"
CVS 3  UK 7" 1984 Virgin/Some Bizzare SENSORIA/ Cut The Damn Camera - edit
on 7"
CVS 4  UK 7" 1984 Virgin/Some Bizzare JAMES BROWN/ Bad Self (Part One) -
edits on 7"
CVS 5  UK 7" 1985 Virgin/Some Bizzare I WANT YOU/ Drink Your Poison - edits
on 7"

that should complete most of the vinyl
only edits that i was posting earlier..
(i think the last ones posted were,
'dont argue'(whos arguing?), and
'keep on'(les's dub)...)

..actually there was a 7" edit of 'sensoria' on
'just can't get enough' vol 12 compilation cd (so
that doesn't really count),
link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cabaretvoltaire/message/1390be

also, does anyone have a 'sensoria' 7" with a
picture cover? (mine came with a generic

i'm cross checking them with the files
on kiek's server, and there's still some
more vinyl mixes, along with 12" mixes that
could be added on there also..

hopefully, i can start converting
them when i find some time...

i'll keep you posted..


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ne g ativ e    1

'i've got this feeling'

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