[Nagnagnag] Biochemical Dread - 'Zanderix'

Clive Harris clive at doglover.com
Fri Apr 4 08:53:50 EST 2003

Hmmm... I just had an idea, based upon a rudimentary knowledge of linguistics (i.e., guesswork!) and an old Scorn album!

Now, it's possible that ~ix is merely the Dutch suffix for either a) a (collective) noun for certain groups or classes of animals or people, or b) the Dutch suffix for some kind of colony or city.  This suffix works it's way into English in such words as "dominatrix". (Don't ask me why *that* example springs to mind! ...ahem!)  It also bears a slight resemblance to the Russian suffix "~nik" which I believe kind of means "person".  "Sputnik" = "Fellow Traveller" and "~nik" also would get tacked on the end of English wordsto create terms like "Refuse-nik".

The other thing is that "Zander" is the title of a Scorn album and (for some reason) I've always associated that word with lizards.  Is there a lizard called a Zander?  I think there is.

Anyway, putting these two things together, you either have "Lizard-man", "Lizardmen" (Goblins?) or "The City of Lizards".

Like I said, though, this *is* all guesswork!  If I'm anywhere near right, I'll be chuffed!  I'm off to find that Dutch-speaking decorator!


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> I found this reference too
> http://www.spookslot.com/interbos/cyberwar/cyberwar16.html
> It seems to be a story written in Dutch (my native tongue). Looks like a bit
> of a mix between ancient - Rome and a tale about gobblins.
> dv8
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> > Does anyone know what the reference is to 'Zanderix'? I tried doing a
> > Google search, but the only English language result I could find was
> > under the header 'Cyberwar'.
> > 
> > All the other titles, including "Bush Doctrine" seem to refer to our
> > beloved leader's pre-emptive strike policies and the current war.  I
> > don't understand the 'Zanderix' reference though.
> > 
> > Anyone have any ideas? 
> > 
> > Thanks
> > 
> > -Mike
> > mike at angryjester.com

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