[Nagnagnag] The Executioner

Kiek en Julienne richardwareham at planet.nl
Mon Dec 30 09:13:30 EST 2002

Hi JB,

Thanks for contacting me. I will try to help you as much as possible!

Here's the info you need:

There is a general login:

port 21
login:  mutants
pass: yashar

(if you can please do use a real ftp program and not internet explorer or
netscape.. they're not always kind to ftp servers)

a few minor rules:

There is no up/download ratio, so you can leech as you wish, but, it's
restricted to one login per ip. This is to make sure everyone has a change
to download. If you do multiple logins with different ip's, I will ban you
from the server.
Do not set automatic login to 1000 and retry every second. it will slow my
system down too much. If you do so, you will be banned also. Maximum of 10
re-tries, with a minimum of 30 sec interval.
It sounds a bit childish to do so, but the server is running from my normal
system. So please understand, I cannot have troubles with it.

Oh yeah, if the server is offline.. it's offline. Don't write me emails
saying the server is offline. I probably know, and have a good reason to
have the server offline. I will try to leave it running as much as I can

If you wish to share some stuff with this list, please email me and will
give you an upload account!!

Please enjoy the ftp server, if you have questions etc, please email me

I use the following FTP program myself:


It's a very user friendly program. More people on this list use it. So if I
cannot help you, I guess there will always someone else!!

take care


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> I apologize for not paying attention, but I just got a broadband
connection and I am wondering how to access the server.
> -JB
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