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Sun Dec 29 14:12:20 EST 2002

Hey gangs,

Well, I just had to post some reactions and thoughts about the Cabs Hacienda 

First, if you are looking for a super pristine, crystal clear record of a 
Cabs gig, keep looking, you won't find it here.  Yeah, the video is pretty 
dark.  But after watching it, it's not as bad as some reviews have labeled 
it, you can see Mallinder, Kirk, Fish and Tattersall...it's like going to 
ANY show where the lights on the band are the only lights used when they are 
performing.  It's fine.

Let's see, show #1...Well, I started watching, and the back top of the dvd 
box said the show was from 11.03.83, so I think:  aah, I would have just 
turned 18...further investigation of the box and information after the show 
indicate that it is actually 11.08.83, so of course I had to re-arrange that 
bit of nostalgia in my head.  It wouldn't be a proper Cabs release if there 
wasn't a typo.

My favorite bits from the '83 show have got to be the Gut Level 'jam'...they 
really get into this, and the samples, which I always really dug from the 
vinyl recording, are awesome.  My other favorite from this show was Over and 
Over, Richard's guitar work being a standout part of this track for me.  
Richard hasn't changed a bit!  He's got his hands on the 
keyboards/guitar/sax, he's smoking cigarettes, and he glances over his 
shoulder every now and then to watch the video.  I was particularly 
impressed with his ability to hold a cigarette and play the guitar or sax at 
the same time ;-)  Mallinder played the big white bass...I almost think it 
was the same one that he played in the Just Fascination video from Switch.  
Alan Fish is kept busy at this show.

Show #2, from 19.02.86...this was interesting because you get a chance to 
see the Cabs in action in the same setting about 2+ years later.  Mallinder 
is much more 'the showman' in this one, particularly in We Got Heart.  
What's great though is he doesn't seem to be playing to the audience at 
all...in this show he's much more animated (plus in We Got Heart there's a 
bit more singing to do), but I felt he wouldn't have done it any differently 
if there'd been no audience or camera.  Highlights for me here would be 
Mal's vocals on Hells Home: menacing all the way; Just Fascination, the 
keyboards and beat are nice and relentless, and then of course: Piledriver.  
A completely new to me Cabs song, and very good, they should have released 
this one on vinyl (Simon, did they at any point?).  This show seems to be 
overlaid with a ton of video...at times it was like you were watching video, 
cabs, and then more video over that, I hate to use the word trippy here, but 
combined with some interesting lights, it was a bit of a sensory overload.  
The videos seemed to focus on war themes, guns, police, and if you looked 
carefully, there was some video of the Cabs spliced in as well.  Watching I 
Want You with it's leaping buffaloes and BEER...give me cut-up surrealism 
Cabs-style anyday!  Mark Tattersall is also kept busy during this show.  I 
would have liked a bit more focus on Kirk in this show, he wasn't shown as 
much in this one.

The promo videos...RULE!

No Escape is...amazing.  It's remarkable to me as a fan that 23 years later 
we still get to discover new things.  I'd never seen this video, and I must 
say, I really dug it.  The Cab lads (all 3!!!!) are playing outside in 
Derbyshire.  I spent part of my honeymoon in this area, so I have a bit of a 
sentimental reason to really like it, but it's got all three of the Cabs 
playing their instruments outside, so you get to see them without having to 
look through some video overlay.  Mallinder has the 'beatle' bass this time, 
Richard is playing what looks like a black strat, and I'm going to have to 
guess at what Chris is playing...is it a farfisa?  Throw in some leather 
pants and a tambourine, and...I just really liked this.  My overwhelming 
thought while watching this one was:  What if Chris hadn't left?  Would they 
have kept on longer with the guitar/bass/keyboards&samples style?  The 
opportunity to see all three of them playing together was really special.

Sluggin' for Jesus also had Chris in it.  It was shot at western works, so 
you get to see the Cabs in action playing at the studio.  This one had video 
overlay, but you do get to see all of them, I particularly enjoyed seeing 
Richard play the violin.

The last video is Yashar...this said that it had been included in the Johnny 
Yesno video, I guess I need to dig that one out, because I don't quite 
remember that part.  I take it the curly haired guy at the train station in 
the B&W bits with the Cabs was Alan Fish?

It appears that RHK did the liner notes to this release...also it said that 
'performance footage courtesy RH Kirk/Cabaret Voltaire archive.'  Yowza!  I 
suddenly remembered a long forgotten doctoral thesis that I still have to 
write, but the only source material happens to be in the Cabaret Voltaire 
archive...Yeah, ok.

I give this dvd a thumbs up.  If you've never had an opportunity to see the 
Cabs live this is as close as you are going to get.  You do get a you are 
there feel from watching the two shows.  Add in the videos, and I think it's 
worth it.

I think Mute are also planning a dvd release...I haven't heard any real 
details, but I'm thinking it could be the doublevision material re-released. 
  If they really wanted to make an amazing live dvd, I would suggest 
checking out the Cabaret Voltaire archive or wherever and hope to god 
someone filmed the Pressure Company show, that would be one I would love to 
see, as the cd version is kickass, for lack of a better word.

Keep on all,


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