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I thought so!

By this, I mean that I thought there was a vague link between Haig and one of my faves, Paul Quinn.  They were both on Postcard! ...But did they ever work together?  I really don't know that much about either, I'm afraid, partly due to the fact that there is sod all on the web about Paul Quinn, despite him having one of the finest male voices in modern pop, IMHO.  If anyone knows of a Paul Quinn shrine on the web anywhere, please let me know!

(P.S. - if the name Paul Quinn sounds familiar, but you're not sure why, it's probably because he collaborated briefly with Vince Clarke, pre-The Assembly, on a single called "One Day", which is still a fine showcase for his talent, despite being around 20 years old now. (GULP!!!)  He was also in Bourgie Bourgie, but I've never heard anything by them, strangely.  His "solo" stuff - with The Independent Group - sounds like a more original version of Cousteau, for those familiar with them.  Here endeth today's lesson!... ;-> )

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Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:18:03 -0000
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Subject: RE: [Nagnagnag] The Executioner
> I remember Haig used to be the main man behind 'Joseph K' one of the
> original bands on the Scottish Postcard record label (along with Orange
> Juice, Aztec Camera etc.).
> They did one really excellent album. I think it was called 'Sorry for
> Laughing'. I also have a solo 12" somewhere which I remember being
> pretty good but the title escapes me.
> Anyway I'm sure the cult bit comes from the fact that they were one of
> the first Postcard bands and one of the few that never had a hit single.
> Richard

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