[Nagnagnag] The Executioner

Richard Sedley r.sedley at cscape.com
Mon Dec 23 15:18:03 EST 2002

> Anyhow what's the deal with Haig? He's pretty second-rate as these
> things go. I don't remember hearing about him at the time so he
> have been a commercial success (in the UK at least) and he's too
> to have been critically acclaimed (surely?). Anyone out there got know
> how he got such a cult status?

I remember Haig used to be the main man behind 'Joseph K' one of the
original bands on the Scottish Postcard record label (along with Orange
Juice, Aztec Camera etc.).

They did one really excellent album. I think it was called 'Sorry for
Laughing'. I also have a solo 12" somewhere which I remember being
pretty good but the title escapes me.

Anyway I'm sure the cult bit comes from the fact that they were one of
the first Postcard bands and one of the few that never had a hit single.


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