[Nagnagnag] the best song I know!!

john smith jean_marclawtonll at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 16 16:37:01 EST 2002

Thats twice I've received your 'John Cale confessional' e-mail (on a cabaret 
voltaire mailing list) any particular reason? is this a code phrase for 
'Mars attack imminent'? a cry for help? A cry for John Cale fans, a cry for 
John Cale? (follow up album to songs for drella)

Medication time methinks

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>To: "cv" <nagnagnag@hollyfeld.org>
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>Subject: [Nagnagnag] the best song I know!!
>Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 16:49:30 +0100
>"Leaving it up to you" by John Cale is one of the best songs I know!!
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