[Grief] For sale: TGV set autographed by all 4 members

Burning idoltaxi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 13:52:15 PDT 2014

Hi all, dunno if spam like this is tolerated but I thought I'd give it a shot.

I know it's a stretch but is anyone interested (or know someone who
would be interested) in purchasing a copy of TGV (The Video Archive Of
Throbbing Gristle), signed by all four members? Bills are absurdly
tight this month and I'd like to find this a good new home anyhow as
I've not touched it in years.

It's copy #1002. The textured fabric sleeve is a little worn at the
edges, but it's mostly just a little glue coming undone as the set has
spent the majority of its time just sitting on shelves. The spine of
the book itself is unbroken and the discs have only ever been played
once or twice. I got this signed by all four members of Throbbing
Gristle (including Sleazy before his untimely death) in person during
the intermission of TG's only North American tour, at the Masonic
Temple in Brooklyn, NY on 4/16/09.

Pictures available. (I've actually already taken some but I felt
attachments would be intrusive.) PayPal vastly preferred as I'm trying
not to get evicted and i's the fastest way to get me funds.

Please contact me with offers or inquiries!

All my best,

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