[Grief] Original Oundle vhs on eBay

bernard bernard at sdreyer.no
Mon Feb 3 21:45:54 PST 2014

I considered selling mine but figured that they may not go for much.

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On 4. feb. 2014, at 03:55, "david brookes" <harmaline23 at hotmail.com<mailto:harmaline23 at hotmail.com>> wrote:

I'm suprised there weren't many more bids on an original Oundle school VHS (IRVC 1) that was on eBay last week. I guess people must have missed it, the original Industrial Records 'Heathen Earth' and 'Oundle School' videos are really rare these days, you never see them for sale. The quality is actually better than the TGV box set and they are uncensored too.
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