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Ben Waddington falsedog at yahoo.com
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Yawn, spam. I'm going to counter the disappointment with some geek gristle content!

I'm a big fan of the track Still Walking (indeed I named my walking festival after it). There are two versions - on 20JFGs and on Heathen Earth. Gen later revealed the titles of the songs and notes about them, as recorded on the Brainwashed site. The Heathen Earth version is very different to 20JFGs, to the point where its a challenge to find the similarities. Both tracks feature male / female spoken vocals, and the HE version begins with the line "Are you walking home that way?".

I wonder if Gen has actually misremembered the tracklisting of HE? Or a deliberate mis-statement, after all it's on an album that doesn't feature it's own title track. Still Walking certainly appeared live regularly around this time. In the Brainwashed FAQ Gen talks about Chris and Cosey's vocals over the music's rhythm. The voices are Sleazy and Cosey on HE and there is no rhythm track - it ends with a caustic guitar solo; on 20JFGs it's Cosey and (I assume) Chris. And there IS a rhythm track and screaming guitar. The HE version also appears on the Leeds Fan Club live performance, but isn't named on the track listing.

A small point, but none-the-less one that I present for your consideration as it's a personal favourite!


Still Walking     (A permutation of "meaningless" phrases cooked up by 
myself and Sleazy, that were repeated over and over as the musics rythm 
gave shape to the shapeless. Chris and Cosey were shy of vocals at that 
time. It was partly a formula to get them to begin using their voices 
that I suggested based on Gysin's theories and my own experiences of 
gaining confidence with microphones simply by using them.)

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